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Rules as life after 35

Rules as life after 35By Leigh Newman, Oprah.comOctober 19, 2012 -- Updated 1623 GMT (0023 HKT) |After old 35, columnist Leigh Newman believes leggings are never pantsSays Newman: Moms prefer scented candles, bathwater temperature is non negotiableDon't be afraid to put love alternatively your ideas out surrounded the world |( -- At a certain point, everybody needs a guidebook. Columnist Leigh Newman reveals her maximum advantageous no-nos and A true sign of respect namely giving your associate the soft pillow.2 Always give money apt the girl with the violin or the companion with the guitar.three Never abandon a hospital with a newborn yet without a birth certificate.4 Everybody loves a doughnut. Everybody. Even divorce lawyers.5 If you think you need concealer, you absence concealer.six Thank-you notes. 10 reasons to feel good about the future7. Leggings are never pants.eight When you perceive someone you know merely don't feel like talking to them, don't look at the grass among the park or learn a jar of mayonnaise on the supermarket shelf and disguise you don't discern them. They know you're faking, and they'll remember.nine There are only three real answers: yeah,no and yeah but later.10.<a href="">canada goose youth kensington parka white </a>. People notice wrapping periodical,not wrapping skills.11 You longing never alter anybody's opinion about if or never the bathwater namely likewise peppery or likewise chilly.12. Go apt mattress Go apt bed I know it's only 10:30 p.m.but work apt mattress!13. No tattoos aboard the nape On you alternatively anyone 20 questions that could revise your life14. Moms favor scented candles. It's not a guilt to give them one each month.15. If you differentiate celebrity apt work away, they ambition hang approximately.16. Nonstop flights are worth the addition money.17. If you see lilacs alternatively water balloons amid April, you indeed must buy them. Due to their short lifespan within water (lilacs) and the truth that entire stores immediately sell summer newness items in spring so that they can sell Halloween matter among summer (water balloons), you only have five smoking-hot seconds apt purchase either item as additional people—and occasion them to fall down among a shuddering eligible of delight And yes adults do,also,admire water balloons.18.<a href="">canada goose youth kensington parka red </a>. Lifting your tongue apt the roof of your jaws meantime taking a photo helps flat out a twice chin.19. Books. Books. More Books.20. Men who don't put their face within the water are men you may never assignation alternatively marry You can swim or never swim,yet you can't half-swim. That is like half-walking, half-thinking alternatively half-falling among worship The fellow has apt put his face amid the water,even now it's cool and 11 things that are better while not perfect21. The five-second food-on-the-floor conviction is really the 30-second food-on-the-floor principle Except within houses with dogs.22. There namely a color you adore that does NOT discern comely on you. Stop wearing it! (This rule is also known as: Don't clothe green, Leigh.)23. Parents admire the friend who offers apt grasp their child so they can drink a malt.24. Whispering makes children do more or less anything. Which is important apt remember meantime you're about to exclaim.<a href="">canada goose youth kensington parka black </a> 20 things everyone should master by antique 4025. There is only one clothing size. Yours. Baggy matter makes you feel thin but look fat. Tight matter is impartial plain painful.26. You do not favor fried clams alternatively salt water taffy. You favor the romance of the boardwalk. You don't have to eat food that ambition acquaint you feel ill aboard the roller coaster equitable to revel amid the seaside atmosphere.27. Take the stairs. Except whether you're on your access apt a appointment alternatively an interview.28. You will never flee out of ideas—or worship So put them out there amid the world. You'll have plenitude more five pieces of counsel everyone ignores but shouldn't)

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Sprint Lost 400K Customers By Design

<P>Sprint Nextel CEO Dan Hesse says losing over 400,000 contract customers was "by design," but that's not because the telecom is thrilled to be rid of its customers.</P>
<P>Sprint reported that it lost a total of 423,000 subscribers in its third quarter as its loss widened to $767 million from a loss of $301 million in the same period a year ago.</P>
<P>The country's third-largest wireless carrier said it lost overall subscribers for the first time in two and a half years as customers are leaving the network of Nextel, which Sprint acquired in 2005. The company has failed to sign up enough of those customers to Sprint, AP reported.</P>
<P>"These customer losses have been expected. It's by design," Hesse explained to CNET.<a href="">canada goose youth kensington parka white </a>. "Because of the value of this spectrum we have to move people off it, and re-purpose that spectrum, so it can be used for Network Vision."</P>
<P>Scott Sloat, spokesman for Sprint, explained to ABC News that Hesse was referring to Sprint shutting down a network used by Nextel, called iDEN.</P>
<P>Sloat said the company is in the process of notifying those customers on the network to migrate them before it is turned off, likely by mid-2013.</P>
<P>"While we would obviously love to for all of them to move to the Sprint network, our expectation that we have shared with media and analysts is that we would be able to 'recapture' approximately 30 percent of those leaving," Sloat said. "In fact, during the last two quarters we have recaptured approximately 60 percent of those leaving the Nextel network.<a href="">canada goose youth kensington parka red </a>."</P>
<P>Sprint is competing in the tight telecom industry against giants Verizon and AT&amp;T. Verizon Wireless added 1.8 million overall subscribers while AT&amp;T added 228,000.</P>
<P>Just last week, Japanese firm Softbank Corp. announced it was buying 70 percent of Sprint Nextel for $20.<a href="">canada goose youth kensington parka black </a>.1 billion, the largest foreign acquisition by a Japanese company ever. The deal will help Sprint with its debt and a long-term contract to buy $15.5 billion worth of iPhones from Apple Inc. over four years, AP reported.</P>

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Tigers Giants scoreless in 6th inning of Game 2

<P>We've got a pitchers' duel in Game 2 of the World Series.</P>
<P>Scoreless through 5陆 innings. Both teams have two hits.</P>
<P>Tigers pitcher Doug Fister appears completely unfazed by the line drive that deflected off his head in the second inning. He's retired 10 straight.</P>
<P>Fister gets great torque and natural movement on the ball by unfolding that 6-foot-8 frame. Some nasty stuff.</P>
<P>Giants lefty Madison Bumgarner, only 23 years old, is hitting the corners and looks much better than he did during the NL playoffs, when he had an 11.25 ERA in two starts. He has eight strikeouts.</P>
<P>Detroit is getting some good swings against Bumgarner, but the right-handers have hooked a few balls foul.</P>
<P>A frustrating fourth inning for Detroit.</P>
<P>Omar Infante led off with an infield single and Miguel Cabrera got ahead in the count before smoking a line drive that was caught by third baseman Pablo Sandoval.</P>
<P>Cabrera pounded his chest once and looked up toward the sky.</P>
<P>Prince Fielder flied out to the left-field warning track and Infante was picked off when he tried to steal second.</P>
<P>The umpires have been terrific tonight.<a href="">canada goose youth freestyle vest berry </a>.</P>
<P>Somehow, Doug Fister appears to be OK.</P>
<P>Gregor Blanco hit a line drive right off the side of Fister's head in the second inning. The ball caromed high in the air and landed in center field for a single.</P>
<P>Fister, however, never went down and never appeared to be hurt.</P>
<P>Tigers manager Jim Leyland, pitching coach Jeff Jones and a trainer all came out to check on Fister, who said he was fine.</P>
<P>Very, very fortunate.</P>
<P>Game is still scoreless after three innings.</P>
<P>Early mistake by the Tigers, who squandered a chance at a big inning with some overly aggressive baserunning.</P>
<P>Fielder was hit by a pitch to open the second and Delmon Young grounded a double inside third base. Chugging around the bases, the hefty Fielder was waved home by third base coach Gene Lamont and cut down on a close play at the plate.</P>
<P>Lamont should have held Fielder at third, setting up the Tigers with two runners in scoring position and nobody out. Instead, Fielder made the first out at home plate a definite no-no. Detroit didn't score in the inning.</P>
<P>Plate umpire Dan Iassogna made an excellent call replays showed catcher Buster Posey's sweep tag was just in time. Moments later, Fielder screamed in the dugout.<a href="">canada goose youth expedition yellow </a>.</P>
<P>San Francisco executed a fine double cutoff on the play, with second baseman Marco Scutaro who else? making the relay throw to the plate. He alertly dashed over toward the left-field line to be the second cutoff man. Nice defensive fundamentals.</P>
<P>FOX said it was the first 7-4-2 putout in World Series history.</P>
<P>Strong start for Tigers right-hander Doug Fister as well.</P>
<P>He struck out leadoff man Angel Pagan, flashed a nice curve and retired Game 1 star Pablo Sandoval on a fly to left for a 1-2-3 first inning.</P>
<P>Great start for Madison Bumgarner, who really struggled during the NL playoffs.</P>
<P>Two strikeouts to start the game and then he gets Miguel Cabrera on a grounder to shortstop with a low breaking ball.</P>
<P>Bumgarner got a little help on the corners and at the top of the strike zone from plate umpire Dan Iassogna. A couple of close pitches, could have gone either way. Bumgarner doesn't appear to be throwing as hard as usual, but he hit his spots in the first inning.</P>
<P>Welcome back to the World Series.</P>
<P>Now that Justin Verlander lost, the Tigers are in trouble. That seems to be the conventional wisdom, at least.</P>
<P>Hardly anyone was expecting baseball's top pitcher to turn in such a dud during Game 1 in San Francisco on Wednesday night.<a href="">canada gooseyouth expedition summitpink </a>. And most observers who picked Detroit to win this World Series were probably counting on Verlander to put his team ahead in the opener.</P>
<P>But don't brush off the Tigers just yet. Doug Fister is certainly capable of coming through with a big game, and Giants starter Madison Bumgarner is a question mark in Game 2 tonight.</P>
<P>First pitch coming up in a few minutes.</P>
<P>Bumgarner won 16 games during the regular season but looked fatigued during the National League playoffs. He went 0-2 with an 11.25 ERA in two outings and was removed from the rotation during the NLCS, replaced by Tim Lincecum.</P>
<P>It will be interesting to see how Bumgarner responds after a little break. He worked on his delivery in the bullpen, and manager Bruce Bochy chose the young lefty over Lincecum for this start.</P>
<P>Tigers manager Jim Leyland says Fister is an intense competitor, and there's plenty of pressure on him tonight. Fister, pitching on 11 days' rest, held the Yankees scoreless for 6 1-3 innings in the ALCS opener and has a 1.35 ERA in two postseason starts.</P>
<P>Recent history favors the Giants, though. Sixteen of the past 17 home teams to win Game 1 went on to win the World Series.</P>

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2 US troops die in apparent Afghan insider attack

<P>KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) A man in an Afghan police uniform shot and killed two American service members in what appeared to be the latest attack on international forces this year by their Afghan partners.</P>
<P>The so-called insider attacks have stretched to the breaking point a partnership that U.S. and NATO officials consider a key part their exit plan preparing the Afghans to take over responsibility for their country's security in just over two years' time. They have also cast major doubts over the program, where Afghans and international troops are supposed to work "shoulder to shoulder."</P>
<P>In Thursday's shooting, authorities had yet to determine if the attacker was an Afghan police officer or an insurgent who had donned a uniform to get close to the Americans, said Maj. Lori Hodge, a spokeswoman for U.S.<a href="">canada goose youth freestyle vest spirit </a>. forces in Afghanistan. The assailant escaped after killing the service members while they were out on a late morning patrol in the southern Uruzgan province, she added.</P>
<P>It was the second suspected insider attack in two days. On Wednesday, two British service members and an Afghan police officer were killed in an "exchange of gunfire" in Helmand province, the British Ministry of Defense said in a statement. The Afghan officer was not wearing his uniform and the statement said it was not clear who started shooting first.</P>
<P>Provincial government spokesman Abdullah Himmat said the assault happened near an Afghan police compound in Khas Uruzgan district.</P>
<P>Before Thursday's assault, 53 foreigners attached to the U.<a href="">canada goose youth freestyle vest red </a>.S.-led coalition had been killed in insider attacks from Afghan soldiers or police so far this year, according to the NATO military coalition.</P>
<P>The Taliban have said they are using the attacks as a specific strategy to drive a wedge between the international coalition and the Afghans. On Wednesday, ahead of the Eid al-Adha holiday, they called for a boosting of such assaults.</P>
<P>"Increase your efforts to expand the area of infiltration in the ranks of the enemy," Mullah Mohammad Omar urged in a statement. "Jihadist activities inside the circle of the state militias are the most effective stratagem."</P>
<P>The majority of international combat troops are scheduled to leave Afghanistan by end-2014, with trainers and advisers expected to remain longer.<a href="">canada goose youth freestyle vest greentea </a>. But the spate of insider attacks has further undermined public support for the 11-year war in NATO countries and increased calls for earlier withdrawals.</P>
<P>The attacks have not been limited to members of the NATO-led international coalition. More than 50 Afghan members of the government's security forces also have died this in attacks by their own colleagues.</P>
<P>Also Thursday, an Italian soldier was killed in a firefight in Farah province in the west of the country, the Italian military said in a statement. Three other soldiers were wounded.</P>
<P>Associated Press writer Mirwais Khan in Kandahar contributed to this report.</P>

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Tracks tops Android Apps of the Week

<P>This week brings us lots of variety, from great social photo sharing apps like Tracks, to the continued impending enslavement of the world by Google with Google Calendar. We've also got a new RSS Feed reader in NewsBlur, the latest iteration of the Dolphin mobile web browser, and a really unique way to find music for your next rave! Here are this week's top Android apps.</P>Tracks鈩?(Free)
<P>Tracks is basically another one of the many attempts to fuse social media and photo sharing, but in a pretty novel way. You can create shared photo albums with your friends, upload photos to the same album, which the developers dub a "track." Lots of the standard social networking features make an appearance, but there are also Joinable Tracks, which are public photo albums centered around a specific topic, or Magic Tracks, which pull photos from your device and group them into albums automatically. It's a nifty new app worth checking out.</P>Google Calendar (Free)
<P>Another one of the Google staple features gets a mobile sibling, and Google is that much closer to world domination. They even released Zagat just a few days before this! The official Google Calendars app allows you to do the standard stuff, like creating and editing events, and quickly emailing event guests customized notifications.<a href="">canada goose youth freestyle vest spirit </a>. You can also view all your calendars at once, even from non-Google calendar services. This formerly device-specific app is finally available for all the public, though with some expected draw-backs. For example, the app does not work on several devices. But Google is hard at work on fixes, as always.</P>NewsBlur (Free)
<P>Speaking of Google, NewsBlur offers a similar service to a Google app, providing an alternative for consumers. In this case, it's an alternative to the RSS Feed news spewer that is gReader. You can import your previously existing gReader feed directly into NewsBlur. There is also some social connectivity to be found, as you share and comment on the news with friends or meet new people with similar interests as yours.<a href="">canada goose youth freestyle vest red </a>. The app is missing a few features so far, but it was very successful on iOS, and the developer is quite responsive, so you can expect lots of improvement.</P>Dolphin Jetpack (Free)
<P>Dolphin Browser has been a very popular alternative mobile web browser for quite a while now, with several different versions and many satisfied customers. Now, the latest iteration hits Google Play, and it's all about speed. Using Dolphin's own HTML5 rendering engine, Dolphin Jetpack seeks to deliver the fastest web-game/app experiences out there. People are confirming that it is indeed faster than most of the competition, and it already has the added benefit of being based on an established browser with a streamlined design and an intuitive interface. Anything beats that standard Android browser anyway, so you should definitely upgrade. Happy browsing! </P>Beat Bang (Free)
<P>This is a very unique music discovery app with a very specific audience in mind.<a href="">canada goose youth freestyle vest greentea </a>. Specifically, it targets fans of electronic music. Unlike Pandora Radio or similar apps, you don't explore by inputting artists that you already like. You start off by selecting a certain number of beats per minute, and from that a web of songs and artists springs forth, always expanding as you explore. It's very novel, and generally interesting to mess around with even if electronica isn't really your bag. It gives you much more of a sense that you're actually exploring and discovering, which is awesome. Just make sure you switch the language to English from the options menu.</P>
<P>Download the Appolicious Android app</P>

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